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Wake up America! We are living witnesses to the birth of a new-age, or new world order. Whether good or evil shall be its lifeblood depends on you and me. For centuries, perhaps tens of centuries, writers warned us that unseen powers and forces direct our lives. Some pledge grotesque blood oaths, vowing horrible death and dismemberment to themselves and others for failure. Yet, many similar powers offer benevolent deeds, disguising their true operations; their purposes shall always be questionable, in that they are secretive.

"I strive to write in such a way that people must think and react while reading. My desire could never be to find a way to change all men; instead I strive to keep the reader focused on a general theme, all the while informing, entertaining, and stirring their interest through each character's mind."  

You may order my novel “Guilty of No Wrongdoing” at: Amazon.com  And:  Booksamillion.com  And: Barnes and Noble.com and any book store of your choosing.

Robbie L. Rogers

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Welcome, this page is a good place to learn what's new on my Web site.  According to how much I have to do this website might be in constant flux or static.  I have great plans yet most of them are in my head, a heady subject. So far everything on the site is new in that the site is new, stuff on it is mostly new/old. When I add items I will place a link to them below.


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